Driving Time Management

We follow changes in the transport law to give you a tool that will allow you to easily manage the driver’s working time in your company.

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Driving time management for transport companies

For more than 20 years, Tachospeed has been one of the most professional programs in Europe for reading drive time, rest periods, breaks and periods of activities from both digital and analog tachographs. Moreover it reads all driver cards generations and selected GPS data.

Software includes a number of functionalities and reports, including the control report (Regulation 561/2006, AETR Agreement), which detects infringements and calculates corresponding penalties according to domestic regulations in 25 different countries.

Thanks to its reliability, Tachospeed is used in Europe by more than 8,000 transport companies and drivers and by 20 control authorities, including Police, Road Transport Inspection.

Why Tachospeed?

  • Save time – generate the necessary reports for the drivers’ working hours in your company, quickly and efficiently.
  • Save money – increase the efficiency of your employees and control the costs of your business with our infringement reports.
  • Technical support – take advantage of the experience and knowledge of experts who have been working in the transport industry for years.
  • Compliance with regulations – we constantly monitor and implement legal changes to the software so that you always have access to reports that comply with applicable regulations.
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Control of driving time, breaks and rests

Road Transport Inspection Report – allows you to control your company’s drivers for compliance with Regulation (EC) No. 561/2006 and the AETR Agreement.

Done correctly, it gives the client a full summary of infringements from a given period. Shows the value of potential fines as a result of a roadside or company inspection.

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Intuitive reports

Finding the reports in the software that you need for billing is clearly visualized, and easy to find.

All reports are generated based on digital files already imported. There is no need to fill in information manually, our software takes care of this for you.

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Mobility package

In July 2020, the European Parliament announced the Mobility Package. This is a set of regulations for road transport in the community, aimed at improving drivers’ working conditions and regulating the transport market. The software is aligned with any legislative changes and takes this legislation into account by default, no need to configure it manually.

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Collective driver’s reports

Documentation normally prepared individually for drivers, can also be generated collectively for any number of employees. This gives considerable time savings during the administrative billing process, as with one press of the button you can generate reports for all of your drivers.

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Correction of selector error in tachograph

In the interactive module it is possible to edit out incorrectly recorded driver activities. By properly specifying selector errors, the prepared record becomes consistent with the actual worked time of drivers. In addition, the analysis includes this information in the infringement report.

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Activity Editor

In the event that the tachograph does not properly record all the drivers’ activities, the editor gives the option to complete them manually. This module is also used to account for data from vehicles without a tachograph.


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Polish Police

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Croatian Police

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Inspection of Road Transport in Poland

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Customs Service in Poland

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Border Guard in Poland

Additional features and benefits

Data Archive

All imported digital files are stored on the customer's disk. Thus, the obligation to store data is fulfilled. and then files can be made available during inspection proceedings, thus the client does not risk losing them.

Technical support

Support provided by experts with experience in the transport industry, rather than people with only administrative and technical experience

Driver admonishments

Disciplinary documents for drivers- Proper organization and discipline of work includes not only carrying out training of employees or not encouraging them through the remuneration system to violate the applicable working hours. It also involves constant, thorough supervision of those employed and detection of possible violations. Documentation can be used evidentially, to then be showcased to the control authorities.

Visualization of Data

Intuitive icons. Color-coding to hint at the next step in the billing process. Absences in the calendar marked with different colors allow you to determine without going into details, for example, the number of sick leave days used

License Key

The license key is issued on the basis of proof of purchase. The customer will not incur additional charges due to the loss of the external memory on which the license key is located.

Demo Version

Before deciding to purchase the software, customers can download a demo version for a period of 14 days.

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ISO Certificate

We have a ISO Quality Certificate compatible with ISO Norm 9001:2015

Experience in the transportation industry?

In the development of software designed for control services as well as in the service customer service (driver time accounting service). We have 20 years of experience and counting

Individual updates

Software new functionalities are made per our client requests to first and foremost fulfill their needs


12 months access to all of the updates, guarantee of quality.

Cost of purchase based on number of vehicles not drivers

More stable revenue forecast in a given year and in subsequent years. A high turnover of drivers makes the methodology of expanding the number of settlements much more complicated. Vehicles are a less dynamic variable. You get what you pay for.

Local and Multi-station Licenses

The customer can choose the type of software installation. It has the option of both using independent computer workstations with different databases, or it can operate on a single server, giving access to multiple computers at the same time allowing them to work on a singular database.

Export to XLS, RTF, CSV

Import to files with other extensions allow data to be processed in the further process according to individual needs. The customer has the ability to edit and process the data

Any questions not covered?

We’ll be glad to help! Contact our team and we’ll be happy to provide you with answers to all of your questions, and clear all of your doubts related to our products or services.